More than 25 years decorating glass, zamak, plastic, aluminium And wood. Metallization, lacquering / varnishing, silkscreen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, assembly, labelling and doing Plastic injection since 1990.


The high-vacuum metallisation and instant UV drying premises are managed by a team of highly qualified professionals. We first apply a layer of pure aluminium that adheres to the piece of glass, zamak or plastic. Afterwards we spray a protective coating of top lacquer that can colour the surface and provide a range of finishes from mirror silver, gold, satin, matt, glitter, dégradé, metallic colours, masking areas, etc.

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Lacquering - Varnishing

We can achieve superb visual and tactile effects with our lacquering and varnishing services. One of our distinctive features is the ability to treat different surfaces (glass, plastic, aluminium, metal, zamak, and wood) in a wide range of colours and finishes (matte, glossy, transparent, opaque, dégradé, single colour, glitter, soft-touch, etc.). We apply different types of varnish (UV, epoxy, water-based, 2-component, etc.) that add value to each piece and protect its decoration.

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Silkscreen - Pad printing

We personalise all kinds of surfaces with silk-screen or pad printing, depending on its form and texture and achieve a very precise and well-defined result. We work closely with our clients to give each product its own character and singularity. We can apply two colours in a single pass, with UV or organic inks and UV or conventional drying. We apply glossy or matte finishes in any Pantone shade.

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Hot stamping

This technique, also known as foil printing, uses thermal transfer to dry stamp or print an even surface with metallised tones. Our hot stamping is precise and produces impeccable results on both plastic and glass surfaces.

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Thanks to the flexibility of our automatic rotating production line, we offer a labelling service that adapts to the specific measurements of each package. We are able to label glass, plastic and aluminium, integrating this stage into the rest of the production process. This saves time, reduces handling costs and pollution, and provides our customers with a perfectly finished end product.


Our automated production lines can combine several packaging components through gluing or snap fitting to create more complex and attractive finishes. Our robots are capable of processing a vast range of shapes and a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, aluminium, and Swarovski crystals, performing both the gluing and assembly processes at the same time. As a result, we can save costs and exercise greater control over the quality of the end product.

Concrete Comme des garçons by Decopak Europ

Special finishing

Decopak provides an all-round service that meets our clients’ decoration and plastic injection moulding needs. One of the hallmarks of our firm is our capability to decorate multiple materials and combine different technologies in one product. This comprehensive approach allows us to operate in virtually every component of the product’s packaging (pump, dispenser, collar, flask, cap, etc.). We also offer complementary services of assembly, gluing and labelling to deliver a finished product, allowing our clients to save handling costs, rejects, and time.